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Acne is a very common problem affecting visible sites and causing physiological and psychological scarring for too many people. Treatment options include chemical peels and/or skin care products using Prescription Only regimes. Please note I am only able to treat acne sufferers over the age of 18.

Acne Scarring

Acne Scarring can be an unsightly reminder for acne sufferers but that can change! Dermaroller, chemical peels and skin care products using Prescription Only regimes can help solve this problem. The correct treatment for you can only be decided with a thorough skin assessment.

Ageing Skin

Ageing skin is caused by natural (genetic) factors or environmental factors. We naturally suffer facial volume loss as we age due to a halt in collagen and elastin production and increased laxity of muscles. Environmental factors include sun (UV) damage, gravity, diet and dehydration, alcohol, smoking and sun bed use. Our skin appearance changes as it starts to thin, sag and dry. Lines and wrinkles deepen. Thankfully treatment options are wide and skin can often benefit from more than one treatment. Dermal fillers, Wrinkle Smoothing/Relaxing Injections, Chemical Peels, Dermaroller and Skin Care Products are all appropriate for ageing skin.

Age Spots

Age Spots (also known as liver spots or sun spots) If, like me, you spent the 1970's treating sun burn (with chamomile lotion!) rather than preventing sunburn as we now know we should by using and re-applying adequate Sun Protection Factor lotion, you may have noticed the appearance of age spots. These blemishes range in colour from light to dark brown and can appear anywhere exposed to the sun most noticeably on the hands, face or chest. Treatment options include chemical peel, dermaroller and Skin Care Products including Prescription Only Regimes.

Lines & Wrinkles

Lines & Wrinkles are signs of ageing - there is no way to entirely avoid them. Dynamic wrinkles occur when we use our muscles to form facial expressions. During smiling and frowning our muscles contract causing our skin to wrinkle. When we smile the lines around our eyes are more noticeable and when we frown the vertical line or lines between our eyes are more prominent. When we are young our lines and wrinkles spring back and disappear when we stop making the facial expression but sadly, as we get older, the dynamic lines remain visible on the skin to form static lines & wrinkles.

Natural substances that exist in our skin in youth, such as collagen, elastin and hylauronic acid, diminish as we get older, resulting in loss of skin structure and volume. Therefore the skin loses its ability to spring back into position resulting in the appearance of static lines and wrinkles. Wrinkle Smoothing/Relaxing Injections are the most effective treatment for smoothing out lines and wrinkles, in particular between and around the eyes and on the forehead. Alternatively, dermal fillers, chemical peels, dermaroller and Skin Care Products, including Prescription Only Medicines, can treat lines and wrinkles too.


Rosacea or facial redness is an inflammatory condition typically visible on the cheeks, forehead and nose. The face can look flushed and feel warm, itchy and burny. Small yellow and white pustules can be visible on the skin's surface and the skin can appear thickened. The cause is unknown, although sufferers are often able to pin point symptom triggers such as sun exposure, spicy food, alcohol and stress. Skin Care Products including Prescription Only Medicines can help treat rosacea effectively.

Sun Damaged Skin

Sun Damaged Skin presenting as Hyperpigmentation (Patchy darkening of skin / discolouration) Although we are now much more aware of the dangers of sun exposure, many years ago we were not so knowledgeable. Over the last 7 years I have seen an increase in the number of patients presenting with uneven skin discolouration raging from small sun spots to larger blemishes. Before Obagi Nu-Derm® arrived in the UK I would have recommended IPL therapy. I quickly realised that Obagi Nu-Derm® was a far more effective way of treating sun damaged skin, not only removing and eliminating brown spots and blemishes but also ensuring that the skin's texture improves remarkably.

If any of the above conditions affect you or you have any more questions please contact me.

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