Coronavirus had other ideas about returning to work in January 2021 and Skin Deep Clinic closed until April 12th. I returned to work for the NHS on their vaccine rollout program. I started my career as a staff nurse working at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital in 1993 and ironically started working via the same NHS trust some 28 years later!

Skin Deep Clinic re-opened in April and I soon realised that my one-woman band was not sustainable if I wanted to take any time off at the weekends. Mitch joined me in May to sort out all the admin. She took a huge pressure off my workload and left me to focus on treatments, my favourite part of work.

The neighbouring premises was available for rent so I took the plunge and applied for planning permission to change its use from an office. 6 weeks later, I was signing a lease on the premises and on August 2nd Skin Deep Clinic opened its doors at number 2 Knights Court. It seemed very different from the launch of Skin Deep Clinic in 2013 in my dining room masquerading as a clinic. I certainly had not ever planned to open my own clinic but as the clinic and workload grew I jumped at the opportunity. Well, I tentatively poked my head above the parapet in all honesty but I took the leap of faith nevertheless.

Reception at the new clinic

For the first few weeks, the premises felt vast. We were soon joined by Lauren AKA Chilli Chapel offering semi-permanent make-up and lashes. Closely followed by Sally from Salop Physiotherapy. Mitch is a qualified counsellor. She joined me on a full time basis. We set up one of the rooms as a counselling room and in-between appointments she covers reception. It is lovely to see the waiting room chairs (whose colour I pondered over for far too long) all being used.

Clinic is now busier than ever and the seasonal ebbs and flows experienced prior to Covid, have disappeared. Chemical Peels are now back on the menu. Only last week IBSA (who make Profhilo) launched two new products. One is a cleanser and the other is Profhilo body specifically intended for the abdomen and upper arms.

The new Profhilo Body range (I love it!)

I am forever humbled by every single patient who come to Skin Deep Clinic and allow me to do their treatment. There is more choice than ever now as the popularity of treatment and demand has risen over the years. So I extend a huge thank you to all the loyal patients who return and new patients booking for the first time. Don’t forget to pop in before we close on 22nd December if you’d like to buy a raffle ticket in support of Target Ovarian Cancer. I hope you and your families and friends truly enjoy the festivities and we look forward to welcoming you to Skin Deep Clinic in 2022.

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