Often a forgotten area, the neck can be a source of real frustration, especially for those of us who put a lot of care and attention into keeping our faces looking their best (myself included). Does this sound familiar to anyone? You look in the mirror only to find that your face looks one age… and your neck looks another!

I used to be unhappy with my neck, until I decided to do something about it. This is the condensed story of my own ‘neck’ journey… it may help those of you out there who are still struggling and want to take action, like I did.

My experience

In the not too distant past my neck bothered me more than my face. Indeed, when I first opened Skin Deep Clinic early in 2013 my first photos for the website show me wearing a scarf (which incidentally cost £10 from Accessorize but was often mistaken for my favourite stripes designer Paul Smith, which I didn’t mind).

At the time, covering my neck seemed to be the easiest solution. I know it’s something many others resort to, especially as we get older. Scarves hide a multitude of sins! I was particularly conscious of my necklace lines – those horizontal neck lines – and crepey skin. Especially skin close to my jawline and chin. My daughters used to say I have more chins than a Chinese phone book… Charming, eh?!

Neostrata Triple Firming Neck Cream

A few years ago I was at a conference in London and was introduced to a skin care range called Neostrata. I was so impressed by their key ingredients and the research results that I decided to stock them at Skin Deep Clinic, as many of you will know! The real selling point, however, was what is now my favourite Neostrata product – their award-winning Triple Firming Neck Cream.

We’ve all tried creams and potions that claim miracles but then deliver very little. That’s not the case with the Neostrata range. I found that, applied twice daily, their neck cream gave improvements sufficient to lose the scarf on hot days. So a great starting point – but I needed something more…

Profhilo (again)

The pièce de résistance arrived in the form of Profhilo last year. Quite simply, this product is an injectable liquid moisturiser – and a concentrated one too. Anyone who knows me hears me rave about Profhilo frequently but I make no apologies.

Two injectable treatments at 4 week intervals resulted in much improved hydration and laxity. I was amazed to see those dreaded necklace lines softened, and I decided to ditch the scarf!! Despite looking like a Dalek from Doctor Who briefly after ten superficial injections (it leaves little round lumps that soon fade), this is a small price to pay… even the children agree the chin numbers have reduced!


Profhilo’s Italian Manufacturers IBSA recommend a top up every 6 months. I confess I don’t wait 6 months. I choose to have treatment every 4 months as I don’t want to effects to wear off completely before topping up. Plus, confession time – I’m ever so slightly addicted to the product and its effects! But then, so is almost everyone else I know who has used Profhilo!

If you’re new to Skin Deep Clinic and you’re interested in booking a free consultation to chat about Profhilo, you can do so via my online booking form here.

Aliaxin SR

Neostrata, Profhilo – of course I haven’t stopped there. After my return from Kazakhstan (the clinic reopens on Wednesday the 24th July) I shall be looking for an appointment with my trusted colleague to try Profhilo sister product and dermal filler, Aliaxin SR. I’ve seen this injected many times into neck lines with some great results and it is a perfect complement to Profhilo. And let’s face it – after 2 weeks trekking 125kms across the remote and high mountains and glaciers of Kazakhstan my skin is going to need a bit of an MOT!

Speak soon,


P.S. Sorry about the pun in the title – couldn’t help myself!

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