So, I’ve been permanently based at my new clinic in Battlefield for six weeks now and I’m happy as a sandboy! I’m not sure what one of those is, but he sounds happy and it’s more polite than a pig in a sandbox…

The clinic is nearly completed. It’s true to say that 95% of the clinic was completed in the first week and the final 5% will have taken a further 5 weeks. Cue the imminent arrival of a homemade fancy couch cover (thanks mum!), two new picture frames and Skin Deep Clinic will be complete. Apart from my clock, that’s been stuck at 12 since British Summer Time ended but I’m working on it…where did I put the hammer?


The new clinic location

So far, the new clinic location doesn’t seem to be causing any issues. The crazy floods we’ve recently had did temporarily shut the link road, but my clinic continued, just not quite to schedule!

One delivery went to Heathrow instead of Battlefield, an easy mistake I’m sure?! The parcel did appear after it had been couriered up from Essex in four hours. Amazing service from the pharmacy and I now have enough Profhilo for an extra week – happy days!

You may know I live in Wales, near Llangollen. A truly beautiful area that feeds my love of the outdoors, mountains and Bara Brith (if you know you know). It’s a Welsh cake served with butter, it’s delicious and I’m addicted! A survey in 2006 showed that 85% of teenagers had never heard of it! They don’t know what they are missing…


The trek in the mountains

I digress, which is what happens when you blog and eat simultaneously!  My love of mountains took me to the Himalayas last month to trek to Everest Base Camp. It was a wonderful adventure that fed my need to see and climb mountains with a magical mix of friends.

October is a super popular season to trek to Base Camp. If you saw the iconic picture near the summit of Everest this year of queues of mountaineers. This was similar but a whole lot lower down, so we weren’t knee-deep in the snow! It made for a very colourful trip looking ahead at rows of trekkers’ wearing all the colours of the rainbow. Which contrasted with the bright blue skies and snow-capped mountains. I quite liked having to take my time on the busy climbs. In fact, if I’m 100% honest I couldn’t have gone any faster if I’d tried.

My everlasting memory will be the ever-present helicopters moving around the region and the bells! The bells signal the arrival of Yaks. Yaks are the equivalent of vehicles on the path, or the Himalayan Highway as it resembles. I have a love-hate relationship with Yaks. They carry cargo very effectively but they also own the path. I have inhaled more Yak dust than my lungs needed to and once I was forced to jump a wall when they locked horns! Unfortunately, I did pull some of the wall down with my leg, high jump was never my favourite. Oh and a fact of the day…a female yak is called a Nak.

Meanwhile, Christmas is coming, stating the obvious I know. The diary is very busy all year round but at this time of year, the diary gets booked further ahead than usual.

Please book early as the clinic will close on 13th December until New Year. Maybe I’ll ask Santa for a clock!

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