Well … hello May! I don’t know about you, but I love feeling a bit of warmth and basking in some light and sunshine – it just makes me happier!  This month’s news is an update from me on Skin Deep Clinic, since I started on this journey, my patients have always been at the heart of what I do, and I wanted to take the opportunity to keep you up to date with my plans.

I firstly want to thank all of you for your loyalty and business, it may sound cliched but there is nothing better than seeing patients return time after time and it is no better endorsement for the clinic. Since we reopened after Lockdown Three, we have found ourselves very busy and have put every effort into managing the clinic diary to take extra care to ensure there is always enough space for existing, loyal patients to book their regular treatments, whilst working with new patients for the first time. In all my years of running Skin Deep Clinic, the demand for new patient consultations has never been so high. This is something for which I am eternally thankful, but it does create demand and bottle neck issues, so we have been limiting how many new patients we see each week to make sure they can start their treatment plan within 2 weeks of consultation.

I find myself currently with a 2 month waitlist for new patient consultations (words I never thought I would be writing and yes, a great problem to have but none the less one that I need to solve to maintain my service levels to all my patients). I’ve taken some time to consider the best course of action and working any more hours is neither a practical or safe option for me or you, and as much as cloning would be a good option, I’m not sure the world is ready for two Wendys!  So, after much consideration I have decided it is time to recruit a new practitioner into the clinic, I mentioned the idea in the most recent newsletter that went out and I have been genuinely surprised by the number of applicants.

So, I am officially recruiting and am specifically looking for a registered health care professional to join me. I am well aware that non-health care professionals can offer many of the treatments and services we have at Skin Deep Clinic, but this does not align with my standards or the ethos of clinic, put simply our objective is to offer only the highest standards of service and safety in aesthetics and skin care in the Shrewsbury area and beyond.   

Just a couple of examples for context to explain my thinking … anti-wrinkle treatments, as a prime example, involve the use of a prescription only medicine (Botox) and patients looking for this treatment must be assessed face to face by a prescribing health care practitioner.  Furthermore, in the (unlikely) event of complications, where further prescription only drugs would need to be administered it is vital to have registered healthcare professional. So, a non-health care professional, regardless of their enthusiasm and ability would not help reduce waiting times significantly.

The rationale behind my plan for recruitment is that having a new registered health care professional in situ will also allow us to increase our opening hours eventually to 6 days per week. This will give you as Skin Deep Clinic patients a much wider choice of appointments including more evening slots, Friday afternoons and Saturdays – all of which I am asked for but unable to fulfil on my own. So, the benefits are huge and as soon as training and independent practice is enabled, we’ll be making these changes.

I hope these May musings clarify my intent for the future, which is first and foremost to be able to service all of you quickly and with the utmost care and safety. If you or anyone you know would like to be considered for our new position, please do drop me a line at the clinic.

The future is bright and busy! Just how I like it!

With all best wishes as always


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