I set up Skin Deep Clinic in 2013. It was a leap of faith as I’d never ran my own business before. My oldest sister facing her own mortality encouraged me to “get off the slippery pole you are trying to climb and forge your own pathway”. Wise words that have stayed with me for years and inspired me to launch Skin Deep Clinic.

In the beginning

I’d like to say I wrote a detailed business plan but the truth was I was 100% certain of the quality of service I wanted to deliver but not 100% certain how I would achieve this. I worked in a few places around Shropshire including my then home and also a little mobile work. I truly was trying to be all things to all people. I had a website (I’m now on version two), and I had a Facebook Business Page on which I randomly posted. The busier I got the less I posted (I can almost hear Louise at Key 3 Media who now manages my website and helps with social media falling on the floor laughing). A very generous and talented lady engineered some PR for me and I was grateful to speak to a single client daily.

Some of my first clients have stayed with me over five years now and I’ll be forever grateful for their support and regular referrals which helped Skin Deep Clinic grow.

Fast forward to today

Fast forward five years and I truly am flabbergasted. I am busier then I could ever have hoped for. So much so that I’ve had to make a few changes before the numerous plates I was spinning all came crashing down. I feared that I would double book an appointment or forget to reply to a message or call a client back!

One of my closest colleagues recommended investing in an online booking system which I launched two weeks ago. Hopefully this will reduce the time clients have been waiting for me to call or message them back with available appointments. Over 100 clients have so far used the system with excellent feedback. This system will also send automated recall, reminder and review messages (providing I have set it up right – did I mention IT is not my forte? Give me a needle over a keyboard any day!).

Taking on extra help

My next step is to have admin help for those jobs crucial to the smooth running but I always end up doing last minute.

Ian and Luke at Stewart Associates probably are no longer surprised by my lack of knowledge for all things accounting and figures. Strange UK laws mean I’m now VAT registered and Limited. Thankfully they look after all this area for me and even took over my bookkeeping after I had a little meltdown in Sainsbury’s car park and decided I should play to my strengths! (Again please give me needles not accounts!)

The team at Key 3 Media sort out my website, and, as well as advising me on social media, are most recently getting me GDPR ready. So please OPT IN when you get an email to invite or I won’t be able to include you on any future Skin Deep Clinic mailing lists!

My promise to you

So what does all this mean? Skin Deep Clinic is still a little acorn in the grand scheme of things but has grown far more than I’d anticipated. I have exacting standards and must not let these standards slip as a result of growth. I will continue to focus on delivering the best treatments and meanwhile be grateful to the experts who work around me and allow me to remain focused on treatments. Finally, to profusely thank every single client who chooses me to treat them.

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