Jan 2021 and What Is to Come This Year

Jan 26, 2021

It has been a while since I last put pen to paper (August 2020) and sadly the corona-coaster is still hurtling along at full speed. Last August I was back at work 7 days a week after the first lockdown. Using all sorts of measures to prevent cross-infection in light of the continued existence of Covid-19.

Roll forward to October and I had started to work at a more sustainable pace again having seen everybody on the waiting list and started seeing new patients again. Boom. Another lockdown for the month of November. Returning in December I worked 12-hour days playing catch up once again. By Christmas, it was clear this virus was raising its (adapted) ugly head again and here we are in January in lockdown once more.


Looking forward

With no sign of re-opening on the horizon, I remain excited about when we can. For the main reason that will mean this dreadful situation is improving. I have been planning to add new treatments for nearly 12 months. I bought a monotherapy gun from a Scottish colleague whose business was changing direction.

Delivering vitamins, hyaluronic acid, minerals and amino acids to the skin using a gun allows accurate dosage and depth to optimise results (compared to hand injecting). Topically delivery of quality key ingredients to the skin at a superficial level improves skin brightness, texture and tone whilst helping repair damage caused by UV rays. As luck would have it my very favourite pharmacy, IBSA, make such a product. IBSA are the Italians I am always raving about who also make Profhilo, Haenkenium, Aliaxin and Viscoderm. I have to complete the portfolio by adding Skinko into my toolkit.

A course of treatments is required followed by maintenance treatments. I will sort the finer details once I return and treat everyone on the waiting list and have some breathing space again.

I am also introducing the use of highly diluted Botox® for treatments to the middle and lower face. This is something I have seen demonstrated on one of the many courses I have attended back in the day when we could attend courses in person. During the first lockdown, a new research paper was published about this treatment with promising results. This is a treatment I can also use the gun for and am excited to introduce once things (I hesitate to say this) return to normal. The purpose of using microdoses of Botox® is to improve skin texture and pore size.

The waiting list has about 200 names on it. The majority are people whose appointments were cancelled from 2021 (January and February). I am also adding names as contacted for regular treatments. I will not open the diary again until we have a confirmed date and then will contact everybody in the order of cancellation followed by those who have made contact. Then I will send out an email to everybody signed up to receive newsletters.


Meanwhile….I am still posting products as ordered so do get in touch if you are running low or would like to try something new.

I look forward to seeing you again soon…eventually…one day!

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