Life Is A Rollercoaster

Aug 19, 2020

After meticulous planning and the longest risk assessment I have ever written, I felt like a child trying to get to sleep on Christmas Eve: ‘Twas the night before re-opening…

Rewind to 15th June and my type of workplace had been officially removed from the business closure list as a “registered healthcare practitioner that offers non-essential procedures in private practice”. What a mouthful! But things were looking up after weeks of closure.

I got everything planned for re-opening on 4th July, like the Government said. From deliveries of essential items, PPE and Covid-19 testing to getting appointments booked and copious amounts of cleaning… Skin Deep Clinic would indeed be ready to open on the 4th… Independents’ Day!

So, on the afternoon of the 3rd July, I sat outside in the sun and reflected on the previous four months. I hadn’t left a stone unturned and the procedures I had put in place to protect patients were extremely robust.

I was beyond excited to get back to work the next day.

However, it wasn’t long before my happy thoughts were rudely interrupted.

It was about 5pm when my emails started pinging and my phone buzzing. Dreading the worst, I checked the news… and found that Parliament had added the word “aesthetics” to the list of businesses that must remain closed. Talk about the eleventh hour!

As I clambered for answers from our regulators and other professional organisations, I could practically hear the clock ticking down.

Whilst Save Face and the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses were working hard to get clarification, when it got to 8pm… the planned launch time was only 12 hours away and I had to make a decision.

The addition of the word “aesthetics” needed some explanation. Our speciality at Skin Deep Clinic is medical aesthetics. The new rules were unclear, and I wasn’t willing to put the business at risk. It was with a heavy heart that I pulled the plug on our re-opening.

I spent my Saturday cancelling all of the new appointments for July. Then, on Sunday, I tackled August.

I simply couldn’t think of any other way to fairly re-book all of our appointments other than starting from scratch.

Little did I know that 72 hours later, Save Face and the BACN would receive the clarification that registered healthcare practitioners (i.e. Skin Deep Clinic) could return to work…. The plot was getting more confusing than Game of Thrones!

So, after being prepared to open in full, then cancelling two months’ worth of appointments, and now discovering we had the green light once more to re-open, I was exhausted!

I felt like I had been riding a rollercoaster.

Driving back to the clinic on the new re-opening date of 7th July, I felt like it was my first day back at school.

I simply cannot thank my patients enough for their, er, patience!

I’d like to thank you all for every single text and email you’ve sent me throughout lockdown. The support has been incredibly humbling.

Everyone’s belief in me, and in the clinic, made this emotional rollercoaster come to a halt.

And now it’s on with the “new” normal…! Whatever that is…!

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