The aesthetic market bustles with new ideas and initiatives and I’m always on the lookout for treatments that help to ‘complete the picture’ or reach the parts other treatments don’t reach (I may have to apologise to a certain beer company for pinching that phrase!). Areas on the face such as vertical lip lines, the eyelid and eye bag, facial lines as a result in changing skin laxity…all areas that can be helped to a degree by using injectable treatments but don’t always meet the client expectations.

In search of the perfect treatment

Of course, we are all after that elusive perfect treatment – no discomfort, no side effects, fast acting, no down time and making us look ten years younger in 30 minutes. Unfortunately this isn’t the reality. A lot of products and treatments claim to be the first… the best… the most unique… the latest technology… I could spend a day each week meeting company representatives trying to decide which is worth investing in.


Profhilo® had been on my radar for over 12 months. While I was studying my Level 7 clinical anatomy last August the course tutors (plastic surgeon Dalvi Humzah and the most amazing aesthetic nurse and tutor Anna Baker) touched upon the use of Profhilo® in our practises and I value their opinion as the highest in this specialist area.

A journalist I admire had articles published in the broadsheets about the product and then a client asked me about Profhilo® last September. I enquired with the manufacturers, but as its popularity and use has soared the training in this product is in such demand that I had to wait until this month to get on board. Meanwhile, I saw some respected colleagues’ before and after treatment photos which were quite impressive (and convinced me I should have got involved sooner!).

How it works

Profhilo® is made from Hyaluronic Acid – the key ingredient of many gel dermal fillers but this is in a super concentrated form. The formula and injection technique allows maximum diffusion to bioremodel and lift lax skin. The injections are placed fairly superficially which minimises the risk of bruising, although the injection areas do resemble insect bites briefly. The key injection points start beside the outer edge of the eye and spread down to the chin and jawline.

Treatment time

The Swiss patented formula involves two to three treatments at four week intervals with three to six monthly top-ups. The neck can be treated too, as can the décolletage and back of the hands. My lovely colleague treated my face and neck recently… photos to follow in eight weeks!

However, I can vouch for the treatment being really not uncomfortable. The shallow injections on my crepey neck looked a little Dalek-like immediately but settled quickly. My lovely colleague Jane will tell you I’m not the easiest person to treat either… let’s say I’m a tad sensitive!


I launched the treatment this month and the uptake has been rapid. I’ll be sharing the first photos hopefully by mid- April.

Meanwhile, I’ll complete my training for another new treatment, PlasmaPRO®, in March so watch this space!

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