Profhilo Structura

Profhilo Structura is the ground-breaking new injectable treatment from the makers of the award-winning Profhilo range. Formulated from hyaluronic acid, it  is the first injectable treatment specifically designed for the restoration of fat tissue. By regenerating superficial facial fat, Profhilo Structura improves structural support and provides a lifting-effect of the mid-face.


Profhilo Structura has been shown to improve skin firmness, hydration, and overall quality. It helps in delaying age-related volume loss and maintaining a natural, youthful appearance. Clinical studies have demonstrated significant and lasting improvements in facial contours and skin condition after treatment.

Who is Profhilo Structura for?

Profhilo Structura is suitable for individuals experiencing signs of facial ageing, specifically those with facial sinking, sagging or volume loss.

It is also an ideal option for patients looking for a more natural alternative to traditional dermal fillers, as it offers regenerative benefits with minimal risk and no downtime. It is designed to restore the superficial fat layer and improve overall skin quality, making it firmer and more hydrated​.



This treatment is particularly beneficial for:

Patients looking to improve a hollow or sunken appearance due to volume depletion in the cheek area.

Patients  with volume loss, sagging skin and jowls


How many Treatments of Profhilo Structura are needed?

Similar to Profhilo, Profhilo Structura is a two-part treatment, with one month between each session.

The treatment is administered using a cannula, which allows for precise placement of the hyaluronic acid in the desired areas. This technique helps to distribute the product evenly and reduces the risk of complications

When will I see the Results from Profhilo Structura?

Patients typically start to see the results of Profhilo Structura within four weeks after the first treatment session, with more substantial results evident four weeks after the second treatment session.

The price per treatment is £300


If you have any questions, please call 01743 664563 or email [email protected]

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