I will freely admit, I am a creature of habit. I have a self-styled comfort zone not much bigger than my Shih Tzu! Working within that comfort zone helps me sleep easily at night. I’d rather be a master of a few treatments rather than be mediocre at many!

The thing is, it’s hard to grow a successful business without pushing yourself out of the safe and familiar. Especially when you see the world progressing around you and you’re stood still. Changes have to happen in order to move forward with a business, whether that’s hiring new staff or moving offices. For me, it means adding new treatments to the Skin Deep Clinic repertoire.

How it all began

So there I was, safe in my comfort at the start of 2018. Along came Profhilo® in February and changed everything. I must admit I was sceptical such a simple procedure could be so effective initially but the results quickly put my cynicism to bed and my comfort zone expanded.

I had, of course, watched many colleagues who I hold in high esteem use the product and gauged their opinion first. I’ve so far had treatments to my face, neck and, more recently, hands. Watch this space for hands… My colleague and I have tried different delivery techniques (needle and cannula) and once I’ve decided my preference I’ll be launching Profhilo hands. I’ve treated countless existing clients and started many new clients on this treatment before other injectable treatments such as dermal fillers.

Trying new things

I am so impressed with Profhilo that recently I decided to find out more about HA Derma’s (the manufacturer’s) other products. That’s a big step for me, but then it’s not often that I’m so hugely impressed by a product.

I was in London at a conference in April and made a bee line for their stand. The lady on the stand recognised me (I’d only met her once on my training day in February) and greeted me by name. I tripped over the edge of the stand I was so surprised – these people train so many practitioners! She would surely remember me now I’d virtually landed in her lap!


Being something of a magpie my eye was drawn to a giant poster of gold lips advertising Aliaxin®, their brand of dermal fillers. I had to find out more. Iveta (whose lap I’d landed in) promised me that Frank (HA Derma’s general manager) would contact me to tell me more.

And he did! A few days later Frank had made a date to come and introduced the range. Last week I had my cheeks, jawline and chin injected with Aliaxin®. It didn’t disappoint.

What’s more, this particular brand of dermal filler doesn’t contain any lidocaine (numbing agent). I have the lowest pain threshold of anyone I know and I found the treatment more than tolerable. I was not tender afterwards and no swelling to note. Decision made! Aliaxin® was joining my treatment portfolio.

My comfort zone just grew again…

You can learn more about Aliaxin® on the Dermal Fillers page here. If you’d like to book a treatment or consultation with Skin Deep Clinic, please visit my online booking form.

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