Returning from lockdown #3 in April 2021, it soon became apparent that in order to maintain the same level of customer service to meet the consistently high demand I would need help. Fast forward nearly 6 months from the last blog, I am now housed in a purpose designed premises right next door to my old clinic and I am now a team of two. We have dedicated labelled parking bays. No need to wait in your car if you arrive early though as the waiting room is open and spacious.

I am hugely proud of the new clinic and re-assured by every patients positive reaction as they walk through the front door into reception.

Mitch now covers reception during opening hours, and we have a landline too. This enables smooth and more prompt communication. Mitch has taken on all the admin that leaves me to do what I most enjoy – one to one time with patients in clinic, carrying out treatments that I am passionate about.

Mitch is also a degree level qualified counsellor and has recently welcomed her first few clients into the counselling room – one of Skin Deep Clinics 4 rooms. Mitch sees individuals over the age of 18 for a variety of issues including grief, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Counselling is an excellent opportunity for you to talk in confidence about anything you might be struggling with either currently or in the past.  Whatever the issues, Counselling offers you the space and time to focus on the things bothering you.

Mitch in the New Counselling Room at Skin Deep Clinic

Mitch says – “My clients have described me as a warm, caring, welcoming person, who understands first hand that it can be difficult to talk about sensitive issues and the effect these can have on you and others. Whether you are struggling with stress or worry, feelings of shame or guilt or one of the many other issues commonly felt throughout our lives, you do not need to face them alone. I am here to listen without judgment, to respect you as an individual and to provide you with a safe, accepting and supportive place to explore and process your own thoughts and feelings in your own time. You will then be better able to make the changes needed to understand yourself better, identify your needs and be able to communicate these better, so you become more confident, kinder to yourself, calmer and therefore be able to lead a more fulfilling life.”

A new service from a talented local practitioner will also be available next month…more to follow.

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