Skin Deep Clinic is Back!

Apr 13, 2021

It’s great to be back!

I am so excited to reopen Skin Deep Clinic once more. I hope all my Shropshire patients have managed to find an appointment. (Well, I say “Shropshire” but patients are travelling from far and wide at the mo!)

I am conscious that many have had to wait longer than they would have liked. I do have a waiting list in the event of cancellations, so feel free to drop me a text on 07801 644888 to check you are on it or to be added. If you can only make certain days or certain times of day, please add this detail to the text.


Covid-19 Vaccine

I have had a few enquiries regarding treatments and the Covid-19 vaccine. The guidance for dermal fillers hasn’t changed – you must not book in a dermal filler treatment two weeks prior to your vaccine and wait for at least three weeks after.

This rule applies whether it’s your first jab or second jab. Which also means it is feasible to have a treatment between the vaccine doses if spaced at a 12-week interval.

This guidance is due to a small number of patients with dermal fillers, who have experienced an immune response following the vaccine. Immune responses are a known side effect of dermal fillers and can be unpleasant and tricky to treat.


B*tox and Profhilo

As for B*tox and Profhilo, Skin Deep Clinic hasn’t received any advice against treatment. The key point here is that the virus and vaccine are new, so there is little evidence to refer to.

Most people who experience any ill effects after the vaccine only suffer for a couple of days. But, if you are feeling well, I will be happy to treat you with B*tox or Profhilo. I would never want to treat someone who’s feeling unwell for whatever reason.

If you are in any doubt and would rather move a treatment that’s already booked in, this can be done via the online booking link on your confirmation email.

Or simply book in another treatment at then message 07801 644888, so I can offer your existing appointment to another patient on the waiting list.


The future

Exciting plans for Skin Deep Clinic are afoot… although I have to wait to share the finer details with you. What I can say is that I will be looking for another medical aesthetics practitioner to work with me in the near future. I’m aware that even before the pandemic, there was sometimes a month-long wait for an appointment. By expanding, I will be able to offer more flexible appointment times every day and introduce a wider range of treatments.


I look forward to welcoming you to Skin Deep Clinic.

Best Wishes,


Wendy x

Wendy at Skin Deep Clinic
01743 664563